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Who are we?

Solutions Training & Advisory Ltd was founded by Paul Meek in 1995 and over the years has matured to become one of the UK’s most respected training providers delivering bespoke and industry-leading health and safety training solutions. The company was set up with the mission of “managing risks by developing people” and that is exactly what we have successfully achieved and continue to do so.

We focus our education process on developing ATTITUDES…BEHAVIOURS…KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS to manage and reduce risk within the workplace. Our experience has gained us an unparalleled reputation for developing effective health & safety programmes and unique manual handling equipment to assist with the safe handling of people. Our materials and products are consistently praised for being tailored, robust, and industry leading.

Our longevity has provided us with multiple case studies within the emergency services, health & social care, special education, and transport sectors, all of which demonstrate how our solutions and training interventions have reduced injury and absenteeism linked to work based conflict/violence and muscular skeletal injuries.

Paul Meek (Chartered F.C.I.P.D), Chairman of Solutions Training.

Meet the Founding Director

Paul Meek (Chartered F.C.I.P.D) established Solutions after two years in the police then a twenty-two-year career in the ambulance service. His final post in the ambulance service was an operations director. Throughout Paul's career, he was exposed daily to the consequences of poorly managed risks, and this is what spurred Paul to established Solutions Training, he wanted to bridge the visible but avoidable gaps in risk management and in particular health & safety education. Paul has been a valued contributor to many governing bodies, assisting them with writing content for H&S regulations and practices and developing training programmes on the Regulated Qualifications Framework.

In addition, he and his team have successfully designed “extremely effective” clinical and non-clinical online learning as well as developing unique moving and handling kit.

Paul and his teams 's continued vision of improvement to managing risks by developing people and his experience has helped many companies and individuals improve their knowledge and technical skills to reduce risk in the workplace, he is a very highly regarded entity within the his areas of expertise.

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