Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

The payment of the fee entitles the user to have access to the course(s) for one year from the date of purchase or assignment during which time the course may be repeated by the user only at will. The course cannot be assigned to any other person and cannot be used for the purposes of training other people in any form whatsoever. In the event of the course not being available due to technical issues be they under the control of the company or not the company will not accept any liability for any loss whatsoever. The learner may print off the contents of the course screens for their own use and reference only. The materials may not be further copied or reproduced in any format for any other purpose whatsoever. If the learner has any queries in respect of the application of the content then they are advised to seek the assistance of a suitably qualified clinician. On completion of the course and successful completion of all of the assessments a certificate will be automatically produced in the name of the person exactly as entered at the time of purchase. In the event of an error being made on behalf of the purchaser a further certificate can be purchased at a cost of £10.00 upon application to the company. The company undertakes to provide the software in good working order and advises the purchaser that the following has been rigorously tested in accordance with the technical specification as specified here:

Windows Desktop/Laptop ( cannot be run from Tablets or Ipads/Mobiles)
Java JRE between and . Latest Java 1.7 is not yet supported.
Stop automatic Java Updates
Internet Explorer 8 or above
Flash version 10.3 or above
Shockwave v11.6
JavaScript Enabled
Popups Enabled
Cookies Enabled
Screen Resolution 1280×1024 or above
Minimum Internet speed required is 1Mbps for displaying quality videos.

Before purchasing you may want to check your download speed by clicking on this link to ensure you meet the requirements as the company will not accept liability for any failings due to inadequate download.

In the event of you not being able to address a problem after following guidance on the F.A.Q. page support is available to you either from within your organisation, or if you have purchased via the web click on support@solutionstraining.co.uk

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