Moving People – Inhouse Training Assets:

Many of our customers adopt our additional moving and handling resources to support the delivery of training to their internal staff. These include accessing our online Moving People (emergency services bespoke) theory moving and handling course and our newly filmed pre-hospital moving and handling techniques, see below for further details:

  1. Moving People Online Theory Course:

Our customers purchase annual licenses for this course for their staff to complete before meeting with their moving and handling instructors. This course aims to equip learners with all the theoretical knowledge in preparation for learning the practical element of moving and handling training. The course allows your staff to learn at a time, place, and pace to suit them. It is a more cost-effective way to implement theory training compared to traditional internal sessions provided by your trainers. It has been widely stated that by learners completing this bespoke course before meeting with their trainers, classroom-based training time is reduced by around half a day – saving staff and trainer downtime and reducing training costs, which in turn increases overall productivity.

About our online course:

Our online “Moving People” course has been developed exclusively for the Emergency Services Sector.

Modules include the law, spinal mechanics and back care, communication and co-operation, dynamic risk assessment and the principles of safer handling making the learner ready to learn the relevant practical handling techniques.

The course is packed full of bespoke film clips, interactive tasks, and animations, which have been developed by world class educators with vast operational ambulance experience and qualifications in manual handling. Course content meets the requirements of unit 24 of the Associate Ambulance Practitioners award.

The online course content meets the theoretical requirements of all Skills for Health and all Wales, and Scotland Manual Handling passport schemes.

Solutions online learning is consistently rated as being ‘extremely effective’ as it is designed with educational rigor by world class instructional designers and provides comprehensive back-up to your learners.

N.B. The learner may retake the course as many times as required during the one year of access. Uniquely the access also offers the choice of just taking the assessments. This means that after the initial training, the student can demonstrate they have maintained their theoretical knowledge at say 11 months post-training. Whichever option is chosen the certification will reflect it. The contents of the screens (except assessment questions) may be printed off for reference.  

Click here to view a free demo of the course – Moving People

Cost – £14.95 per learner, per annual licence

  1. Filmed Pre-hospital Moving and Handling Techniques

Solutions have developed 25 filmed moving and handling techniques based on scenarios that emergency service staff face daily within their roles. The clips have been designed to reinforce and refresh staff on the moving and handling techniques they have been trained on. They have been developed and filmed specifically for ambulance, community first responders (CFR’s), and fire sector staff. Where possible, the clips mirror evidence-based best practice in line with ‘handling of people’ 7th edition.

Moving and handling within a pre-hospital setting requires problem-solving skills and the knowledge and 50 years of sector experience our developers hold have enabled us to provide solutions to limit the risk associated with moving and handling tasks.

The request from our customers was for us to provide a cost and time-effective product for their staff to refer to on an ongoing basis, ensuring that their moving and handling knowledge is maintained, the original skills learned never fade and the feedback from them has been more than positive:


Feedback From Danny Dixon Senior Education Manager at SECAMB (South East Coast Ambulance)

Manual handling is a key area for ambulance staff and volunteers to be able to perform safely and whilst often taken for granted, safer handling techniques can have a significant positive impact on both patient safety and career longevity. The video clips supplied by Solutions Training are an excellent resource in supporting our crews with applying these safer handling techniques. The clear demonstrations and practical tips provided have empowered our teams to utilise the correct techniques, reducing the risk of injuries. Engaging and informative, these videos have significantly improved awareness and proficiency in manual handling, fostering a safer and more productive working environment. 

The content of the film clips include:

  • Video demonstrations for each scenario (filmed in partnership with emergency services staff from Kent Fire & Rescue, SECAMB, WMAS, and BM Private Ambulance Service)
  • Step-by-step instructional guides on how to conduct each task (voice and text)

The clips are purchased as an annual license per user and accessed through a unique login to our LMS or can be added to your internal intranet etc.

Click here for a demo of the clips – Filmed Scenarios 

The costs for these clips can be as little as 50p per head – amazing value for money to lower risk and maintain knowledge!

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Additional Training Resources for Moving and Handling Instructors