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Solutions Training provide bespoke moving & handling solutions to schools that have pupils with unique moving & handling demands. We have recognised that this specialist sector requires tailored training that is focused on the individual school, their pupil and the varying equipment used to assist their mobility needs.

Our mission is to ensure that special school staff are equipped with the very latest knowledge, techniques, and skills to ensure their pupils are moved and handled in a manner that is safe, comfortable, and dignified.

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Our solutions include bespoke, train the trainer programmes (at Level 3 on the R.Q.F.), practical skills training via video conferencing, access to our industry leading bespoke online theory course (People Moving People), classroom-based specific training, and refresher training.

Available Course Options

People Moving People Train the Trainer - “Moving & Handling of Pupils”

Ideal for - Special Education Sector- Staff who work a Special Education setting who wish to train others in safe moving and handling principles and conduct formal manual handling risk assessments.

Duration - 5 Days

People Moving People Video Conferencing Practical Skills Training - “Moving & Handling of Pupils”

Ideal for - Special Education Sector– Staff that need to be trained on how to use specific equipment within the schools and how to correctly move and handle children with special mobility needs.

Duration - Dependent on requirement – normally 1.5 hours per session of 3 learners (£125 per hour session)

People Moving People Train the Trainer Update/Refresher - “Moving & Handling of Pupils”

Ideal for - Special Education Sector– Existing qualified Moving and Handling trainers who wish to remain confident and competent in their roles and want to develop their existing skills in accordance with best practice.

Duration - Half a Day

People Moving People Induction Course - “Moving & Handling of Pupils”

Ideal for - Special Education Sector– Staff with little or no previous experience in moving & handling and are required to learn the basic knowledge and technical skills to move and handle pupils in a confident, competent, and compliant manner.

Duration - 1 Day plus pre course e-learning

People Moving People Online Course - “Moving & Handling of People”

Ideal for – Special Education Sector – Staff that want to be confident and competent when moving and handling people.

Duration - Annual License – average course completion time is 3.5 hours

Moving & Handling Equipment

Ideal for – People that move & handle people/patients/pupils

About – We offer, easy to use, cost effective moving and handling equipment, some of which is unique to us. Our products have been designed by healthcare professionals to enhance moving
and handling techniques, and to ensure safer transportation of people/patients/pupils.

All our products are manufactured in the U.K.

What our learners say – Train the Trainer Course

Of the last 100 Moving and Handling Train the Trainer courses:
92 learners rated the quality of the trainer, quality of resources, training methods and course contents as being “Extremely Effective” in assisting the “trainee” to learn and the remaining 8 learners gave a rating of “Very Effective”.

We are proud to boast that all 100 stated that they would recommend this course to others!

What our learners say –
e-learning Course

We gather learner feedback for every completed online course, requesting ratings across 16 dimensions on the effectiveness of the course, 92% have rated the course as good or above!

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