Specialists in WorkPlace Risk Management
“Managing Risk By Developing People”

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Specialists in WorkPlace Risk Management
"Managing Risk By Developing People"

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What we do

Whether you are looking for a learning solution for a health & safety topic, or a solution for another topic that could result in a person or organisation being affected negatively then look no further.

We enable you to manage your risks by developing your people.

Established in 1995, by Paul Meek (Chartered F.C.I.P.D.) a former operations director in an ambulance service where he spent many years managing both high risk situations as well as business risks of running a large organisation. The mission of Solutions is to “Manage risks by developing people” and the team do that in many ways by offering niche training be it tutor led, on line or through a “blend” of both.

Additionally, Solutions have designed equipment to enable people to move and handle others using innovative kit to be found on this site. Solutions has an impressive track record that demonstrates the fact that we change knowledge, attitudes and behaviour as a result of our programmes be they instructor lead, online or as is so often the case ‘blended’ where a mixture of online and face to face offers best value.

Solutions, being at the forefront of its specialist subjects has also designed and manufactured both specialist manual handling products and learning and development materials to meet the needs of its customers.

Our track record includes

  • Design of innovative moving and handling equipment
  • Saving one ambulance service £350,000 in year one in through implementing e-learning
  • Reducing absenteeism in a train company from 309 days a year to just 49 days in the subsequent year after providing conflict resolution training
  • Reducing absenteeism and reported incidents in manual handling by 38% in the care sector
  • Enabling a global logistics company to reduce the numbers of accidents and near misses


Solutions online learning is consistently rated as being ‘extremely effective’ as it is designed with educational rigour by world class instructional designers and provides comprehensive back-up to your learners.

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Health & Safety Training Courses

At Solutions Training & Advisory Ltd our focus is quite simple, we only offer training in specialist sectors in which we excel. All health & safety training courses are delivered by specialists with huge experience in the topic.

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Manual Handling Products

At Solutions we have designed specialised manual handling products at the request of customers in health, social care, 999 services and special education to ensure safe and dignified handling.

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Conflict Management Checklist

A PDF checklist of 10 simple tips to self-assess, and score your health and safety responsibilities and compliance, with respect to conflict management training.

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Manual Handling of People and Inanimate Loads Checklist

A PDF checklist with simple tips to self-assess your health and safety responsibilities and compliance with respect to manual handling of people, and inanimate loads.

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