This team of lecturers at Edghill University Lancashire include nurses, an operating department assistant and a paramedic who completed our people handling e-learning ( Backs for the Future plus) then five days of intensive training to qualify them to teach moving and handling to all groups of undergraduates working for any parts of health & social care.

This unique course was challenging as the range of skills and techniques to be developed was wide. It also meant two sets of assessment papers. As a result they all now have the QNUK Level 3 Moving and Handling trainers awards for both Health & social care sectors and emergency services sectors. The course finished with just one minute to spare on day 5. We are repeating this again in the Autumn.

Solutions Training and Advisory offer both accredited instructor led train the trainer courses for moving and handling of loads and people as well as e-learning options. Our customers are amongst some of the most demanding including 999 services. They trust us so should you to meet your training needs.

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