We have supported CFR’s (community first responders) with moving & handling and conflict resolution training for over 25 years!

We deliver training depending on your unique needs, be that providing train the trainer programmes (full course for new trainers or update courses for existing trainers – including the provision of the QNUK level 3 Moving and Handling Trainers Award for the Emergency Services which is on the regulated qualifications framework), classroom-based practical skills training, e-learning (online Moving People course for emergency services. The course teaches all the theory of the topic and is utilised by Ambulance Trusts UK-Wide to accompany their internal training strategy. By learning the theory online, your trainers save around half a day off face-to-face training – saving training hours/downtime and money), or blended learning solutions (a mix of practical training and elearning). Click here for a demo of our online theory course –


We recently delivered our Moving People train the trainer programme to Kent Fire & Rescue Services with astonishing results. Since partnering with South East Coast Ambulance and supporting them with co-responding to emergency calls, the level of reported Moving and Handling injuries from their crews significantly increased. KFRS saw the need to train their staff to the same standards that SECAMB crews were trained to (by Solutions), to help lower the injury levels, reduce lost sick days and lower risk. Since the training we delivered:

Since Solutions delivered this training:

  • Musculoskeletal injuries have reduced from 59 to 27 – 54% decrease
  • Manual Handling injuries have reduced from 14 to 8 – 43% decrease
  • Patient Handling injuries have reduced from 18 to 2 – 89% decrease

The stats speak for themselves!

We also manufacture and sell unique ambulance moving and handling equipment, including carry sheets (standard and bariatric sizes), twin slide sheets (blue and yellow for ease of use), wipe clean handling belts just to name a few – visit our site to view all of our products https://movingandhandling.equipment/

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