West Midlands Ambulance Service have ordered another 75 Bariatric Size “Unique Carry Sheets” for their A and E ambulances across the trust from Solutions Training & Advisory Ltd.

The “Unique Carry Sheet” was developed by Solutions in response to requests by ambulance services for a flexible, lightweight and cost effective piece of kit that allowed people to be carried either supine or semi-recumbent e.g. with breathing difficulties when use of a stretcher or mechanical aid couldn’t be used. The staff at WMAS also use the carry sheet which has a patented foot pocket to carry a recumbent patient on a “scoop” stretcher downstairs enveloped inside the “unique carry sheet” which dramatically improves their posture for crews and reduces risk of injury.

To see it in action click on this link.

Trainers at West Midlands Ambulance all attend a four day Level 3 accredited “Moving and Handling Trainers Award”(Emergency Services) developed by Solutions in conjunction with the UK Qualifications Network.

Solutions Training and Advisory offer both instructor led train the trainer courses for moving and handling of people as well as moving and handling of objects. E-learning courses are also available, and currently the entire Welsh Ambulance service train their paramedics using Solutions Training e-learning software titled Backs For The Future.

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