Solutions Training & Advisory Ltd have developed manual handling products which are:

  • The Unique carry sheet is unique because of the features it offers and four variables are available
  • Slide sheets with a difference, the difference is that pairs are made in different colours to reduce the chances of the handler gripping the wrong sheet. Slide sheets are available either as disposable or reusable in a range of sizes.
  • Handling belts available in the full range of sizes
  • Transfer boards for lateral moves for non weight bearing people
  • Rota cushion

Unique Ambulance Carry Sheet

  • Can be used by people with little or no training for a life or death evacuation.
  • Casualties can be moved in a sitting position so not compromising ability to breathe.
  • Folds to a 15th of the size of a stretcher and weighs just 2kgs.
  • Each Unique Ambulance Carry Sheet is made in the U.K. and supplied with a test certificate rated at 222kgs.

Unique Ambulance Carry Sheet product sheet


Twin slide sheets

This product reduces enormously the problems associated with moving people of all sizes, by enabling handlers to re-locate the patient to a point where they can be safely transferred to a stretcher or carry bag, WITHOUT the need for lifting or the adoption of postures which would place the rescuers at risk.

Twin slide sheets product sheet


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Use in a sitting position

Use in a supine position

Unique carry sheet being used in conjunction with a scoop stretcher to improve posture and safety for the crew