Thousands of stroke patients in England will benefit from a “game-changing” treatment after plans to expand a revolutionary procedure were approved by NHS bosses.

An estimated 8,000 people per year who suffer a severe form of stroke where blood vessels in the brain become blocked, are set to benefit from mechanical thrombectomys when they are introduced to all 24 neuroscience centres across England.

The procedure sees a piece of wire mesh, known as a stent, inserted into a blood vessel, usually through the groin, before being fed through the circulatory system and into the brain.

Once at the site of a clot the stent is used to dislodge and remove the blockage, restoring blood flow.

Trials have shown that survival rates and quality of life are dramatically improved when a patient undergoes the procedure within six hours of symptoms beginning to show.

The complicated procedure, which is carried out by a highly-trained practitioner called an interventional neuro-radiologist, had previously only been available at a limited number of hospitals across the country.

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