Solutions Training are extremely proud to have received such high praise from Gemma Bond the Executive Director of Nursing & Quality at Partnering Health Ltd (PHL Group) following a recent Infection Control course delivered by our amazing trainer Dave Ellis.

Dave Tremlett – Head of patient safety at PHL Group commissioned this training and worked with Dave Ellis to design and deliver a course bespoke to the roles and potential risks associated with their leaders and managers that work within a clinical setting. The course was developed with a focus on managing risk, how to assess risk, legislation, evidencing clinical effectiveness, and employee responsibilities which included compliance and regulation updates on NHS cleanliness standards.

This one-day course accommodated 20 delegates, all of whom praised the level of education, delivery of the training, and the trainer as excellent.

Feedback posted on LinkedIn from Gemma:

“Laughter is the best medicine!

There was a lot of ‘fun’ had by all today at a training and development session for some of our clinical leaders and managers in Infection, Prevention and Control. Focus was on risk assessment, legislation, evidencing clinical effectiveness and our responsibilities with an update on the new NHS cleanliness standards. I popped in at the end of the session this afternoon and the trainer had everyone actively participating, engaged and laughing. Such a buzz to hear the ideas and actions that people are taking away from todays session. This will further enhance the quality and safety of care we deliver to our patients but also some wellbeing benefits with the amount of laughter heard in the room.

David Ellis from Solutions training thank you for your training effectiveness and awesome sense of humour!

Thank you Dave Tremlett PHL Group Patient Safety Specialist for organising and driving our commitment to patient safety and bringing together talented leaders.

Humour today evidenced it lightens our burdens, inspires hope, connected us to each other and kept everyone grounded, focused, and alert. Lets all not forget the importance and benefits of fun and laughter.”

Feedback posted on LinkedIn from Dave Tremlett:

“It was a great day and what we learned is transferable to our respective clinical services. Thank you all for coming and making the session a great experience.”

Really well done to Dave Ellis and we thank all at PHL Group for choosing Solutions Training & Advisory Ltd to be their preferred training provider.