Moving People 2021

Moving People 2021

“Moving & Handling of Patients for the Ambulance & CFR Sector”

This globally unique online course is for anyone in the ambulance sector, including community first responders. The course will equip learners with the relevant theoretical knowledge and skills as required by FutureQuals AAP award Mandatory component 24 “Move and position people and objects in the emergency and urgent care setting” prior to learning practical moving and handling techniques.
Solutions has designed all training materials in this ambulance and CFR dedicated E-Learning course to be specific to the moving and handling tasks that ambulance and other front-line crews are faced with when performing day to day activities.

At Solutions we understand life on the front line is fast-paced.
Therefore, included within the licence for ‘Moving People 2020’ is the “Full course” and a new “Assess & Go” option. “Assess & Go” is designed for learners who are confident in their retained knowledge. To help save time and ‘streamline’ training within your organisation, this shorter assessment includes 25 randomly selected questions, Learners require a pass mark of 80% and are given TWO attempts. If successful, the learner is certificated reflecting this pathway. If unsuccessful, they will be instructed to take the full course in which they are re-assessed before certification, showing that they have completed all learning.

The course is packed full of bespoke, ambulance dedicated film clips, interactive tasks and animations. These have been developed with support from ‘West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust’ and world class educators whom have vast operational ambulance experience and qualifications in moving people. We know that using training materials as close to real world situations as possible, ensures learners can relate and are therefore armed with the correct skills, techniques and knowledge to keep both themselves and their patients safe.

Simply log on, learn, and certificate.

This course can be run on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or smart phone

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