Advanced Stroke Life Support 2019 version

This updated for 2019 course is for all pre-hospital clinicians who want to ensure they don’t miss the 20% of patients with a posterior ischaemic stroke that are not detected on FAST, extend their assessment skills as well as update and reinforce knowledge in all areas of stroke assessment. At the heart of this course is the MEND ( Miami Emergency Neurological Deficit) exam which is conducted after the FAST test and reduces the chances of missing a stroke. Practised across the USA and in the over 500 organisations this online course is the only one available of its type in the world. Automatic certification on completion endorsed by the UK Stroke Forum, University of Miami and supported by the College of Paramedics.

More about the ASLS course in 2 minutes

NEWSFLASH. As of 17th July this course can now be run on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone to give you greater access and choices as to when and how to learn

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