Solutions design sector bespoke e-learning courses to teach the theory of its given topic based on the specific tasks and environments its learners will face within their roles (moving people, manual handling, patient handling, moving & handling, conflict resolution, stroke awareness)

We have designed courses packed full of sector-bespoke film clips and scenarios, interactive tasks, and animations, which have been developed by world-class educators with vast operational experience.

Our courses are utilised as a standalone theory e-learning solution or as part of a blended learning strategy to complement our customers' in-house practical training.

Our e-learning courses are designed to be sector-bespoke. The scenarios are filmed to depict real-life scenarios using the acting skills of professionals actively working in the sector it's aimed at.

Completing theory learning online, if designed correctly is as effective and sometimes more effective than classroom training. It allows the learner to complete the learning at a time, place, and pace to suit them.

Using our moving and handling or conflict resolution theory courses as part of a blended training strategy, we typically reduce training hours by around half a day per person.

Our online courses educate learners on the underpinning knowledge, rules, and regulations of its topic. This learned knowledge allows trainers to focus training on teaching the necessary practical skills.

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Emergency Services - Conflict Resolution/CRT

The only online CRT course bespoke to the emergency services. This course was designed to equip its learners with the skills, knowledge, and experience to avoid, manage, or resolve conflict situations, lowering risk and mitigation.

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