Workplace Risk Assessment

The one day training we offer in workplace risk assessment is to ensure that organisations have a “competent person” to conduct and record risk assessments as required by the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

This programme will enable staff to conduct a safety inspection and use the H.S.E. five steps to risk assessment pro forma. Highly interactive it will give participants an opportunity to learn the skills by viewing and assessing a number of filmed scenarios.

Here are the unique reasons you should use Solutions Training & Advisory for this type of training:

  • The training will be delivered by a tutor with a background in 999 services where formal and dynamic risks from low to high were daily matters. Feet well and truly on the ground they will ensure the learner is able to separate trivia from significant risks and decide what steps to take.
  • The team have proven they can engage people in all types of occupations.
  • When it became a legal requirement the Solutions team were employed by the Palace of Westminster to train dozens of managers in risk assessment including taking visitors to the top of Big Ben and raising and lowering the flag over the Palace in all weathers as well as more routine occupations.
  • We train on any day of the week at no extra cost

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Workplace Risk Assessment Training

Workplace Risk Assessment Training Course

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