First Aid

The training we offer in first aid includes:

(All courses are compliant with the H.S.E. syllabi)

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Emergency first aid

 Half day course

 First Aid at Work

 Three day course

 Appointed Persons first aid

 One day course

First aid at work refresher

Two day course – Specialist modules
e.g. management of anaphylaxis, administration of buccal midazolam

Here are the unique reasons you should use Solutions Training & Advisory Ltd for this type of training.

  • Training is only ever delivered by staff trained as ambulance paramedics tutors; we do not use lay trainers as do many other providers.
  • We offer as part of the training access to a free, post incident debrief line.
  • We automatically update your teams free of charge via email to changes to practice.
  • Train on any day of the week at no extra cost.
  • We do not fill your learner’s heads with theoretical knowledge they will never remember or use we focus on the practical application of core skills.
  • We train first aiders on how to use NHS choices to assist in the management of low level incidents and sudden illness.
  • All courses include how to use an automatic defibrillator even if one is not available in the workplace as this kit has had the single biggest positive effect ever for people in cardiac arrest.

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