Fire Marshal Training Course & Fire Warden Training

Here are the unique reasons you should use Solutions Training & Advisory for Fire Marshal training course & Fire Warden training:

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  • Paul Meek, the trainer for the fire marshal training course, has vast experience as a result of 24 years’ experience in the ambulance and police in and around the M25 circle. He has attended many major incidents including terrorism, major fires, the Staines air disaster, motorway major incidents and along with his evidence based factors will enable you to learn not only how to perform the duties but as importantly how people behave. Paul is experienced in leading Fire Marshal training course.
  • You will learn the important issues around “Human Factors” about why people behave the way they do in an emergency. Complete Fire Warden training.
  • You will learn why people tend to exit using a familiar route even if that route is not the quickest or safest. You will learn why people tend to “normalise” emergencies even when they are in serious and imminent danger.
  • You will learn what verbal and non-verbal communications you need to use to get people to respond the way they need to.
  • You will learn how to test and measure your plans.
  • We train fire marshal training course and fire warden training on any day of the week at no extra cost

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Fire Warden Training on a Fire Marshal training course.

Fire Warden Training on a Fire Marshal training course. Police on the scene.

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