The training we offer in personal safety/conflict resolution includes:

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Personal safety skills in the workplace: Duration a half or one day depending on the identified need.

Conflict resolution: Duration one day for staff at a higher level of risk. This may include the option of including disengagement skills from grips or grabs using non pain compliant techniques. Content for NHS staff will be compliant with NHS Protect syllabus.

Conflict resolution train the trainer: Duration two days. This will equip the learner with the knowledge and skills to deliver the one day conflict resolution course. Please note the learner must possess existing training skills.

Here are the unique reasons you should use Solutions Training & Advisory Ltd for this type of training:

  • The training team have worked in high risk occupations e.g. police and ambulance sectors and have professional qualifications in conflict resolution / personal safety as well as training / teaching.
  • The team have trained thousands of staff and have evidence that they reduce risks (refer to case studies on this website)
  • Act as advisers to the NHS on conflict management
  • If disengagement skills are included they are moral, ethical and non-pain compliant
  • We train on any day of the week at no extra cost

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Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict Resolution Training Course

Conflict Resolution Online Training Course