We recently delivered a conflict resolution/breakaway/disengagement train the trainer training to Haven Hospices and the feedback was amazing. The staff attend lone worker home visits and can be susceptible to the potential of violence and conflict situations, so the training was delivered to their internal staff to educate them on how to effectively redeliver such training to other members of staff.

100% of the staff provided feedback on the course content, the trainer, and the delivery to be very or extremely effective and all said that they would recommend the course to others.

Some of the feedback comments were:

  • Staff member 1- “I felt reassured of existing skill level, raised confidence and level of competence.
  • Staff member 2- “All the course content was relevant to my training need and has met all the objectives set, which were all relevant”.
  • Staff member 3- “Paul is a fantastic teacher- he is passionate and motivating. He has engaged the group well and delivered relevant training. I have thoroughly enjoyed it”.
  • Staff member 4- “Paul was so brilliant, knowledgeable and engaging, thank you so much”.
  • Staff member 5- “Informative and useful”
  • Staff member 6- “Very interesting and well-delivered course, sign of a great, knowledgeable trainer”.
  • Staff member 7- “It was informative, fun and interesting”.
  • Staff member 8- “Trainer was very clear and engaging” “Up to date and relevant”.

Well done Paul Meek (founder and trainer).

We cant ask for better than that!

We are proud to have supported the hospice sector with moving and handling, conflict resolution, first aid, and fire training for over 25 years!!!!