Such a great testimonial from Andy Newton following a review of our pre-hospital filmed moving and handling techniques………….

“I was recently invited to review Solutions Training’s new manual handling case studies and videos and was also, offered the opportunity to engage in one session in the form of a cameo appearance. The invitation turned out to be something of a revelation, given the progress in manual handling techniques exemplified in these excellent training aids.

Manual handling is, of course, all too often viewed as a rather desolate backwater of pre-hospital care and the wider healthcare industry, often considered an unglamorous, dreary, if worthy, subject. Generally tolerated with reasonable grace by clinically oriented paramedics some of whom (and I have to confess that to be chagrin I might occasionally have subscribed to this view in my youth) as primarily health and safety requirement as much as anything else. That is probably an unfair characterisation and may well have been caused by poor unenthused training over the years that simply didn’t imbue the subject with the required ethos and importance.

This is certainly wholly inaccurate picture today, especially so when one considers the immense contribution that professionally conducted manual handing can bring to patient care and provider welfare. Indeed, manual handling is one of the cornerstones of good clinical practice and is also an essential component of patient safety. In common with communication skills, infection control and good team working practices it is applied to a greater or lesser extent in every patient encounter.
Solutions understand this and have a very sound grasp the evidence base behind 21st century practice and have developed the techniques, technologies and methods that are right for modern practice.

Solution have several examples of how implementation of a modern manual handling programme has reduced musculoskeletal injuries dramatically by applying good body mechanics ergonomics, engineering, behavioural work practices and administrative controls, (sensible policies and procedures etc). They also have some great lifting and handling aids. In every sense they are leaders in the sector and regularly advise organisations in a variety of health-related specialist areas. I personally very much enjoyed brushing up my skills and hope that many more paramedics will have access to the programme and will find the effort equally worthwhile.”

Thanks Andy!