All 65 staff at Ridgewood Community High School in Lancashire are to complete the on line moving and handling course “ Backs for the Future 2016 plus”. This course trains people in all of the theory in respect of moving and handling then the staff meet with a teacher trained by Solutions to learn the techniques for safely moving and handling pupils, many with complex needs. Two unique factors about “Backs for the Future 2016 plus” are that the learner can select the option to just take assessments if they just wish to demonstrate their knowledge is up to date, plus there is a library of 33 film clips showing a wide range of moving and handling techniques. Solutions have a long and close relationship with the special schools in Lancashire.

Solutions Training and Advisory offer both accredited instructor led train the trainer courses for moving and handling of loads and people as well as e-learning options. Our customers are amongst some of the most demanding including 999 services. They trust us so should you to meet your training needs.

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