Raffle winner Turning Point Scotland – amazing customer feedback!

Many thanks to all our customers who took the time to provide us with feedback on their experience of working with us. This has been invaluable in helping us to evolve as a company.

I used a random draw/name-generating site to add all the returned surveys and the winner picked at random was Turning Point Scotland who I will contact to arrange their free access to our online courses.

Thanks for your amazing feedback – rated 10 (excellent in all areas)

  • What is your company name – Turning Point Scotland
  • What is your full name – Jackie Matthews
  • What sector do you operate in – Health & Social Care
  • What course/s have you used Solutions to deliver – Moving & Handling Train the Trainer, bespoke to the health and social care sector 
  • How did you find the proposal, and sales process of your journey –10
  • How did you find the course setup process of your journey (diary, online course setup, welcome email, pre-course information etc) – 10
  • How knowledgeable and professional did you find the trainer – 10
  • Did your learners feel the training achieved the desired learning goals – 10
  • Did your learners find the training interactive and role-specific – 10
  • Do you feel the learned training has been retained by your learners – 10
  • Have you seen a noticeable change in your staff’s knowledge, and use of learned techniques since the training –10
  • If applicable, how useful do you find the post-course materials (trainer handbooks; presentations, access to support line, etc) – 10
  • Did you find the finance/invoicing process easy –10
  • How likely are you to recommend our solutions to other professionals – 10
  • How likely are you to use us again –10
  • What did you like most about working with us:
  1. Reputation of company
  2. Reputation of trainer
  3. Always worked with Solutions
  4. Post course materials (training materials access etc)

What star rating would you give us (5 being best) – 5*

80% of returned surveys rated us at 5*s and 20% at 4*s

We can’t say better than that, can we!!!!!!