In the last 12 months Solutions have seen a huge uptake for their “blended learning” approach to moving and handling. This means that staff are completing all the theory on line using either the “Handling Safely” on line course for handling inanimate loads or “Backs for The Future 2016” for people handling. The key benefits are big cost savings and that individuals can learn the theory at a time place and pace to suit. Sectors that are using this approach are varied. It also means that valuable time is saved as instructors don’t spend time just training one or two people in the theory and can focus on the practical skills”

Solutions Training and Advisory offer both instructor led train the trainer courses for moving and handling of people as well as moving and handling of objects. E-learning courses are also available, and currently the entire Welsh Ambulance service train their paramedics using Solutions Training e-learning software titled Backs For The Future.

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