Video Production

Solutions Training & Advisory Ltd back in 1995 became innovators in the use of video for training and education purposes by producing films to support training programmes. Particularly to enable trainers to have at their disposal the complete set of materials to deliver high quality training to their staff.

Along with detailed lesson plans, presentation materials, trainer presenter guides the use of video enabled staff to present engaging real life situations to enhance the learning process. We will take this responsibility from you all for a remarkably “best value” fee.

  • We will write the script to your exacting specification
  • Organise the film shoot including selecting locations
  • Source actors and extras if needed
  • Conduct the film shoot
  • Edit the materials
  • Produce the final version

Our track record >

To date we have made bespoke training films for staff in health, social care, special education, fire and rescue, ambulance services, special transport, rail sectors and high education sectors plus promotional films for the rail sector, and equipment manufacturers.

To discuss how we may assist you develop your own film please call us now for a free no obligation discussion. 01932 880 147