Training the ambulance service trainers in moving and handling of people

moving handling people moving people training northern ireland ambulance serviceA great fun filled week of intensive learning training trainers at Northern Ireland Ambulance on how to move and handle patients in a safe and dignified manner.

Moving and handling of people is incredibly important training to undergo, and whilst serious all concerned genuinely enjoyed themselves.

Paul Meek, MD of Solutions training states the the moving and handling of people is critical not only for reducing risk to staff but to maintain dignity of those being moved.

Paul also notes, as an ex-paramedic and NHS operations director, With respect to the attendees from the Northern Ireland Ambulance service, they were a credit to their profession.

Solutions Training and Advisory offer both instructor led train the trainer courses for moving and handling of people as well as moving and handling of objects. E-learning courses are also available, and currently the entire Welsh Ambulance service train their paramedics using Solutions Training e-learning software entitled Advanced Stoke Life Support.