counter-terrorism-training“The current terror threat level in the U.K. is at an unprecedented level and will last a lifetime” said Alex Younger, Head of MI6 last month. Who would have imagined that an organisation like Manchester United FC have now in 2017 appointed a full time counter terrorism manager?

The reality is that both here in the UK and when we travel either on business or for leisure with our families and friends the risks are ever present. Thankfully the risk of actually getting caught up in an attack is remote however just the fear of being caught up can be enough to negatively impact on peoples lives along with physical harm. The Government guidance if caught in an attack is based on the three principles of RUN, HIDE TELL which has proven to save lives. We at Solutions were discussing this with a customer last year who said they would like to offer guidance and perhaps training for their staff so that if an attack happened at their workplace,or if staff were caught up in an attack whilst out and about they would have some understanding of how to react which could save their lives.

The current opportunities for actual training are very limited and of course the investment of time and money has to be in proportion to the actual risk. This got us thinking. As I have had first hand experience of responding to terror calls here in the UK and had every organ in my body shaken when a bomb exploded near me whilst on the beach overseas we came up with a practical extremely cost effective solution.

In response to the need to provide extremely cost effective training we have developed a twenty minute on line course called RUN HIDE TELL. Accessible via a PC. Laptop, iPad, or smart phone the course has two major learning outcomes.

Firstly to enable the learner to spot suspicious behaviour whilst going about life and when and how to report. Secondly to enable the learner to understand the application if RUN HIDE TELL principles if caught in an attack. The course includes short simulations whereby the learner is give scenarios at work, at a railway station, in a shopping centre, on a beach and in an hotel foyer when they have ten seconds to familiarise themselves with their surroundings then a gunman appears and they have ten seconds to select options to run to.

On completion of the course a certificate is generated that includes the logo of the prestigious National Police Chiefs Council who have reviewed the course..

The course is being launched on Monday 30th January, for further information please contact Solutions Training & Advisory directly on 01932 880147.

The course is being launched on 14th February and single licences can be purchased from this web site for just £5 per person plus VAT. If  you need to make multiple purchases please call the team now on 01932 880147 to discuss.

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