Controversial “stay put” advice for people caught in high-rise fires has been withdrawn at more then 200 London buildings after the Grenfell Tower tragedy. This is also a reminder that employers need as part of their workplace risk assessments to determine how many trained fire wardens are required. You need at least one fire warden for each floor in every building. Two is preferred so sickness/holiday is covered. Number of occupants – you need enough fire wardens to guide everyone out safely and scout the designated area for people left behind. The higher the risk of the workplace, the more fire wardens. At Solutions Training and Advisory Ltd we run a half day Fire Warden course run by trainers with at least 25 years 999 service so they will also be able to share with you the evidence of how people may react when confronted with such an emergency. It is a fact that many do not respond as they should in an attempt to “normalise” the situation and put themselves and others at risk. You will learn how to deal with such situations. Call us now to discuss how we can provide such training.

Solutions Training and Advisory offer both accredited instructor led train the trainer courses for moving and handling of loads and people as well as e-learning options. Our customers are amongst some of the most demanding including 999 services. They trust us so should you to meet your training needs.

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