Today we challenged a mature builder taking down an internal wall using a large drill. He had safety boots but no eye or ear protection and wasn’t wearing a mask. The noise was deafening and the dust obvious. When asked why he was not wearing his P.P.E. he replied ” you get used to it” He admitted that he gets ringing in his ears and has had other health problems that may be linked into non compliance. The most worrying part was that he recently attended health & safety training. The conclusion must be that like many other “training” courses this was a waste of time. At Solutions we enable people to change their approaches by concentrating on the personal benefits of changing what they do not giving them a list of regulations that apply. Our case studies on this site prove we change attitudes and behaviours.

Solutions Training and Advisory offer both instructor led train the trainer courses for moving and handling of people as well as moving and handling of objects. E-learning courses are also available, and currently the entire Welsh Ambulance service train their paramedics using Solutions Training e-learning software titled Advanced Stroke Life Support for Clinicians.

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