Thefts from charity shops and attacks on their volunteers have contributed to a huge 9% rise in violent retail crime that cost £1 billion in 2019. A report by the British Retail Consortium said there were 155,000 acts of violence and abuse in shops and supermarkets. A quarter of charity shops reported an increase in violence defined by the Health & Safety Executive as being “threatened, abused or assaulted” arising from their job. Training can play a huge role in reducing the risks and if a situation arises your staff knowing when and how to respond to keep them safe. Solutions training have been providing this training to great effect in some of the highest risk areas either on line or classroom based so get in touch to find out how we can assist you manage this increasing risky area.

Solutions Training and Advisory offer both accredited instructor led train the trainer courses for moving and handling of loads and people as well as e-learning options. Our customers are amongst some of the most demanding including 999 services. They trust us so should you to meet your training needs.

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