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Solutions Training - Providing the UK's largest range of 'professionally accredited' health and safety learning programs
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"Personal Safety Skills Trainer Training" REF VA/TRTTT3


"Personal Safety/Conflict Training" REF VA/TRDT1




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Course title

“Personal Safety/Conflict Training”

Course Reference VA/TRDT1
Who should attend

Transport staff who want to learn best practice in handling conflict / violence at work as at 2011.

Course Details

Accreditations :

EDEXCEL/BTEC Intermediate Unit award

Price : Course price £825 + VAT
Duration :

1 Day

Course size :

Number of Participants: Maximum 14

Course Aims

  • To reduce the risk of physical and psychological harm to staff when dealing with aggressive or violent people
  • To avoid prosecution and litigation

This conflict resolution/violence and aggression course has been designed by a team of conflict management specialists all with extensive experience of the transport business. The core aim is to create a more confident employee able to assess personal risks and act accordingly when in a conflict situation.

Course Introduction

This violence and aggression/conflict resolution course has been designed to ensure each member of your team is equipped with up to date effective conflict management training so that risks are reduced to employees and mitigating your risk to claims and litigation. The content of this programme is delivered in line with the requirements of the Institute of Conflict Management code of practice.

The course centres on improving self awareness when under pressure by combining the use of objective, rational, moral, ethical criterion based personal risk assessment with skills to defuse difficult situations(subject to risk assessment determining it is safe to do so). It also includes the use of movement skills and the use of non pain compliant release / breakaway techniques.

This course stimulates an ideal climate for change to attitudes, practices and motivation which is key in this topic.

This programme was originally designed by former NHS staff, specialist police officers, former transport staff and legal experts.

What delegates will learn

  • How to interpret the HSE definition of violence at work
  • How to recognise assertive, aggressive and submissive behaviour
  • How to interpret the law of self defence
  • How a violent act occurs at work and attitude lock in
  • How the nervous system responds to threats
  • How to conduct an on the spot personal risk assessment
  • How to use personal communication skills to reduce risks
  • How to use the confrontation management model
  • How to use space to reduce risk
  • How to use release / breakaway techniques

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course participants will be equipped to:

  • Recognise how their personal communication style affects relationships with other people.
  • Recognise actual or potential situations where there is a risk of violence / aggressions and equip them with the knowledge to defuse such situations
  • Demonstrate the use of space to increase safety
  • Demonstrate a number of non pain complaint release / breakaway techniques.

Assessment process

This will be overall and continuous, against the course objectives.

Certification / Accreditation:

On successful completion of this programme participants will receive a Solutions certificate of competence and be eligible to apply for the EDEXCEL / BTEC Unit award “ Personal safety Skills in the Workplace”
Assessment criteria and registration fee available on request.
Please note that the cost of the BTEC Award is additional to the cost of the course as this is optional.

Special requirements of course participants:


Course Trainers:

Solutions trainers come from ambulance, nursing, police and transport backgrounds. They have extensive experience in both the management of conflict in the NHS and transport sectors. All are members of the Institute of Conflict Management.

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